Chasing Icebergs

Desperately trying to be cool...and failing so fucking badly.

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This is how me and my family are living these months.

My mom has a great job but doesn’t make enough to support all five of us. She’s working extra hours but it isn’t enough and with school starting for my brothers and them needing over priced uniforms, we’ve all reached the end of our rope.

On top of this, my mom also has diabetes and sometimes has trouble getting the money for her medication. And as people who have/are dealing with this kind of disease you know that everything is so much more harder for her. When she gets a paper cut it can last a month and when she gets caught in the rain, she is guaranteed to get sick and as she says so many times “[she] cannot afford to get sick”.

Right now we are trying to move from this house into a smaller, more affordable one but the chances of that happening anytime soon are dwindling. In addition to this, my mom wants to visit our sick grandfather in New York who has multiple myeloma. If anyone who has heard of this would know that it affects your organs and there is no cure for it. We are all hoping for one last visit before he passes on.

I’m asking that you please help us. I don’t like this life for my brothers who have to wonder if it was okay that they are ramen for breakfast or that my mother can’t see her father one last time. Anything and everything you donate will be used to help my brothers and mother have an easier more enjoyable life.

I have set up a fundraiser and a paypal on my blog. Again, anything and everything you can spare will be much appreciated and if you cannot donate, please share this so that it gets around.


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Black media needs a restart button. BET is complete shit. WorldStarHipHop is probably the worst thing on the entire internet. Kanye West thinks he’s fighting for civil rights by designing shoes. Social media has fully embraced the “Niggas be like”, “Bitches be like”, hood fight videos, and ratchet women acting like their instagram is an XXL centerfold. Mainstream hip-hop has evolved from a vocal war against oppression into an elaborate scheme for perpetuating that same oppression. Tyler Perry is still making movies…WHY?! Can we please get a Ctrl+Alt+Delete? God damn.

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Ad Libitum by David Redon

For Ads Libitum, the French artist David Redon has taken modern-day pop-culture icons and appropriated them for classic 1950s American adverts and wartime propaganda posters.

"For me, artists are like adverts for the people," Redon told us. "They care very much about their image and every detail is calculated, like in advertising. And artists have always been associated with advertising, because they are heroes to people who aspire to be something else. I think that art and advertising are very close today, artists have to sell like advertisers, advertisers use artists to be attractive, and artists use advertising techniques to touch more people."

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