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The Extraordinary Biro Pen Art of Enham Bosakah

Enham Lives and works in Ghana ( Africa )

As I grew older, I had to fulfill the dream within me which was producing art. I went to the University, studied art, got my degree and decided to have a feel of the reality on the field of practice before I plunged into a Masters of Fine Arts degree. I eventually got disappointed going in with so much energy and optimism but with no funds. But then, I had a pen and paper, a perfect media, I thought. That was how it all begun. And I am doing very well now.

There is no name for the style of drawing I do. There are a lot of lines and minute squares. I have not named my style as I will always change it, I didn’t want to keep to one confinement. It’s a freestyle.

I work in the evening, late in the night where I can draw without interruption. I can come back to a painting after a long time, unless I am commissioned to do a piece for a client. I do what I feel like doing at what time. But roughly, it takes about 3-4 days to make a piece.



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